• What's Difference Between Copyright Free Music And Royalty Free Music?

    Many people often get confused by the idea of "royalty free" and "copyright free". In short, "royalty free" is a specific type of music license which allows purchaser only need to pay for the license once and can use it forever without any extra free. So "royalty free" is not free to use while copyright free music to free to use."copyright free" usually refers to two categories: 1. the copyright owner has die for over 70 years(this number may change in different countries based on the local copyright law), this is commonly known as pubic domain music. 2.the copyright owner has given up the financial right and made his work free to use. Creative Commons Music is one of this kind.

  • Where to Find Copyright Free Music?

    YoYoSound offers a diverse collection of copyright free music that users can access and use for their projects freely. Our music library are well-organized , sorted by genre, mood, instrument and video theme. Browse our library, find the music you like, click "Download", and get the top-quality music to soundtrack your projects.

  • How to Download Copyright Free Music?

    Downloading copyright free music from YoYoSound is simple and easy. Once you have found the music track you want to use, simply click the "Download" button next to the track and the file will be saved to your computer in WAV or MP3 format.

  • How to Use Copyright Free Music on YouTube?

    To use our copyright free music on YouTube, just simply include the music track in your video and upload it to the platform. As long as the music is credited to YoYoSound, you are free to use it. Our music can also be used in other projects such as podcasts, films, and commercials, as long as it is credited to YoYoSound.


  • Benjamin

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  • Éloise

    I stumbled upon YoYoSound while searching for royalty-free music, and it has become my go-to platform ever since. The selection of tracks covers a wide range of genres, and I always find something that fits the mood I'm looking for. The fact that all the music is copyright-free is a game-changer. It saves me from worrying about any legal issues. Kudos to the team behind YoYoSound for creating this amazing platform!

  • Maximus

    YoYoSound has been a true blessing for my creative projects. As a filmmaker, finding the right music to enhance my visuals is crucial. YoYoSound's collection of copyright-free music is extensive, and the quality is outstanding. It adds that extra layer of professionalism to my work. Plus, the website is easy to navigate, making the whole experience seamless. I highly recommend YoYoSound to fellow creators looking for hassle-free music options!